a town





2010/video installation/12min
Material - 2 Projectors, White Cloth, Chair, Speaker

Jun. 2011 The solo exhibition at Theatre Tram, Tokyo, Japan

Organized by Nibroll, SETAGAYA Public Theatre


I think about the town. I always think about the landscape from the window of my room. Eventually they will be lost. There is a similar town. At first glance they are peaceful and calm. Still somewhere in town, it seems that something is going on. Black clouds cover some places in the town. I hear a rumble in my daily life. And I think about the future where they may break.

The boy would yell, “The wolf is coming!”. And his lie became the truth. The boy is often portrayed as a villain. People say not to forget the moral of the story. But I don’t think what the boy did was necessarily wrong. He wasn’t just a liar. He was a prophet. Lies don’t need grammatical subjects. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s a tiger or an elephant. In that case, maybe prophecies don’t need grammatical subjects either. In that case, the subject is always god. It doesn’t matter whether you say it or not.


/////// Performance

“Lurking in a town”
script : Mikuni Yanaihara, Keisuke Takahashi

May. 2013 at ATSUKOBAROUH, Tokyo, Japan
Dec. 2013 at SKIP CITY, SAINOKUNI Visual Museum, Japan

performer :
Wakako Hashimoto, Minoru Harada, Sanae Konuma

May. 2017 at “Starainge Seed”, Shizuoka, Japan
May. 2017 at Japan Creative Centre, Singapore

performer :
Yasuko Sasaki, Kotoko Inagaki, Takumi Hosotani




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