Keisuke Takahashi

//////// 高 橋 啓 祐 / video artist ///////////

Ichikawa Art Festival Performance
Nibroll x Tohoku University Smart Robots Design Lab.

2024.2.12. 14:00
 Chiba Prefectural Modern Industrial Science Museum  info 


Mikuni Yanihara Project
"wait for the boat"

2024.3.23 - 3.31
 Kichijoji Theatre info 




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Video artist, Keisuke Takahashi has created many visual installations in various space such as museum, gallery, theatre and public space. and he also has created performance pieces and intend to pursue the relationship between body and image. He held the solo exhibition the gallery in Milan, Italy and Taipei, Taiwan, and in Japan, Ierimonti Garelly, BankArt1929 and others, and also jointed to the international exhibition such as SHANGHAI Biennial, Jakarta Biennale, ECHIGO-TSUMARI Triennial, SETOUCHI Art Triennale and others. His works have been presented in arts festivals throughout Japan and the world. He received the Committee Recommendation Award from Japan Media Arts Festival in 2005. He also has created many performance works as the visual director for the dance company named "Nibroll".


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I always think about the relationship between the body and the image, and the space. I have always made works by the theme of a body. I re-consider the society through the filter of the body. My purpose is to re-consider the existence of an individual as what comes from a difference caused by spaces, and place the theme in a trial to develop it into communication among human beings. An individual exists in both public and private places. I think about how personal existence is connected to the community to consider a relationship of a body and the space. The video is new media. That technology is still in the process of development. However, I think that the most important value of the video is to record. After 3.11, in Japan, we have lost many things. The lost told us that tomorrow might not be the tomorrow. We have experienced the night which has never come and the night which has never ended at the same time. What we need now is to understand the real meaning of the repetition of both life and death. The day when we must receive it gets closer to us. In the lost days, what can the video record, what does the body record and what do you feel? I think that I have to think about it again.


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2005 The 2005 Japan Mesia Arts Festival – Jury Recommended Works
2005 Outstanding chievement Award of Graz Art Project 2005, Austria
2007 OSAKA Art Triennial 2007 Jury Recommended Award
2007 HIROSHIMA Contemporary Art Museum-Re-Act 2007 prize

as Nibroll
2000 "The National Advisory Panel Award" Bagnolet International Choreography Contest
2000 The Millennium Culture and Art Festival Award
2004 MORI Art Museum Membership Special Prize
2009 "Japan Dance Forum Award 2009" Grand Prix


<Significant Works>

off-Nibroll "a shadow" 2013 OHARA Museum
off-Nibroll "the same time as always" 2013 Arts Maebashi
"The Fictional Island" 2018 The Margulies Collection at the Warehouse


<Solo Exhibition and Performance>

Feb. 2005 "a room" at Tranceplant Gallery, New York
May. 2005 "public=un+public" at BankArt 1929 YOKOHAMA, Japan
Feb. 2006 "the room project" at TAIPEI Artist Village, Taiwan
Mar. 2006 "public=un+public" at ACA-Chunky Move Studio, Melbourne
Mar. 2007 "public=un+public Vol.2" at Gu Ling Thatre, Taipei
Oct. 2007 "public=un+public" at Ierimonti Gallery, Milano
Oct. 2009 "Artist meets KURASHIKI vol.5" at OHARA Museum. Japan
Mar. 2010 "Double START" at FUKAGAWA TOKYO MODERN Gallery, Japan
Jan.2011 "JUMP" at FUKAGAWA TOKYO MODERN Gallery, Japan
Feb.2011 "FUKAGAWA Dining Room" with Tiffany Chung at FUKAGAWA TOKYO MODERN Gallery, Japan
Aug.2011 "a day at somewhere" at LA LANTA FINE ART, Bangkok, Thailand
Nov.2011 "a quiet day" at GALLERIA FUMAGALLI, Bergamo, Italy
Jul. 2012 "a quiet day" at Yokohama Creative Center, Japan
Jul. 2012 "The house leans to the south and is the farthest from the north towards the sun" at YCC, Japan
May.2013 "a town" at ATSUKOBAROUH, Tokyo, Japan
Dec.2013 "a quiet day" @SKIP CITY, SAINOKUNI Visual Museum, Japan
Feb.2019 "Image and Body" @BankART SILK, Yokohama, Japan


<Selected Group Exhibition>

Feb. 2004 "ROPPONGI Crossing" at MORI Art Museum,Tokyo
Oct. 2004 "SHANGHAI Biennial" at SHANGHAI Museum, China
Oct. 2005 "BankArt Life" at BankArt 1929 YOKOHAMA, Japan
Jan. 2006 "OBIHIRO Ice Festival" at OBIHIRO Parks, Japan
Feb. 2006 "Crossing" at TAIPEI Artist Village, Taiwann
Mar. 2006 "Lantern Festival" at TAIPEI Artist Village, Taiwan
Aug. 2006 "ECHIGO-TSUMARI Triennial" Japan
Sep. 2006 "EIZONE" at BankArt 1929 YOKOHAMA, Japan
Mar. 2007 "MiArt" Milano, Italy
Apr. 2007 "The earthquake EXPO" at BankArt 1929 YOKOHAMA, Japan
May. 2007 "Re-Act" at HIROSHIMA Contemporary Art Museum, Japan
Oct. 2007 "KOBE Biennial" KOBE, Japan
Oct. 2007 "Artist in Yokohama" at AZAMINO Gallery, YKOHAMA, Japan
Sep. 2007 "SHANGHAI eArts Festival" at Shanghai, China
Dec. 2007 "Milano in digitale II" Milano, Italy
Dec. 2007 "Public=un+public" at Media Theque, Sendai, Japan
May. 2008 "TICAD, Africa Exhibition" at BankArt 1929 YOKOHAMA, Japan
May. 2008 "Landmark Projectlll" at PIO City, YOKOHAMA, Japan
Sep. 2009 "Art in Busan 2009 Inter-City" at BUSAN City Museum of Art, Korea
Nov. 2009 "Contemporary Art Annual" at TAKAMATSU City Museum of Art, Japan
Dec. 2009 "Contemporary Art Japan, Korea and China" at Hakgojae Gallery, Korea
Apr.2011 "Friends of TOHOKU Art Fundraiser for japan" at ALERIE QUYNH, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Jun.2011 "Taehwa-river Eco Art Fastival" at Ulsan Taehwa River Terrace, Korea
Dec.2011 "VISUAL CIRCUS" at SKIP CITY, SAINOKUNI Visual Museum, Japan
Jan.2012 "NCC Shizuoka 2012" at SHIZUOKA CCC, Shizuoka, Japan
Sep.2012 "Tomorrow is today I see for the first time" at XYZ Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Apr.2013 "Changwon Asian Art Festival" at Sungsan Art Hall, Changwon, Korea
Apr.2013 "OHARA Comtenporary" at OHARA Museum, Okayama, Japan
Oct.2013 "The same time as always"at Arts Maebashi, Gunma, Japan
May.2014 "Ohara Contemporary at Musabi"@Musashino Art Univ, Tokyo, Japan
Aug.2014 "Dreams of East Asia" at BankArt NYK, Yokohama, Japan
Nov.2014 "Eternal Fading Words" at MoNTUE, Taipei, Taiwan
Dec.2014 "ASIA Independent Art" at Yunseul Museum, Ghime, Korea
Jul.2015 "Art and City in Yokohama and Taipei" at BankArt NYK, Yokohama, Japan
Jul.2016 "ART SETOUCHI" at Seaside INUJIMA Gallery, Okayama, Japan
May.2017 "Future Bodies of Asia" at Japan Creative Center, Singapore
Jun.2017 "Future Bodies of Asia" at Speedy Granma, Bangkok, Thailand
Aug.2017 "BankArt Life 5" at BankArt Life NYK Studio, Yokohama, Japan
Aug.2017 "Future Bodies of Asia" at Salon Saigon, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnum
Nov.2017 "Jakarta Biennale" Jakarta, Indonesia
Nov.2018 "Re:_____" at F1963 Busan, Korea
Sep.2019 "The Andersen" at Funabashi Andersen Museum, Japan
Sep.2019 "Shanghai Urban Space Art Season 2019" Shanghai, China
Jun. 2020 "The library in the shade of a tree"
at BankART Temporay, Japan
2021.4 "Artists' Breath" 
at Ichihara Lakeside Museum, Japan
2021.11 "Artists' Breath Playback" 
Ichihara ArtxMix 2020+
2022.7 "EXIT"
at Taipei Station, Taiwan
2022.12 "YORUNOYO"
at Former Daiichi Bank Yokohama Branch, Japan




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