Dry Flower





2004/video installation/10min
Material - 3 Projectors, Camera, Speaker

Feb. 2004 "ROPPONGI Crossing" at MORI Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan
Oct. 2004 "SHANGHAI Biennial" at SHANGHAI Museum, China
Feb. 2006 "Crossing" at TAIPEI Artist Village, Taiwan
Mar. 2006 "Lantern Festival" at TAIPEI Artist Village, Taiwan
May. 2007 "Re-Act" at HIROSHIMA Contemporary Art Museum, Japan
Oct. 2007 The solo exhibition at Ierimonti Gallery, Milano, Italy
Oct. 2007 "Artist in Yokohama" at AZAMINO Gallery, Yokohama, Japan


//////// AWARD

Sep. 2004 MORI Art Museum Membership Special Prize (as Nibroll)
Oct. 2005 The 2005 Japan Mesia Arts Festival-Jury Recommended Works
May. 2007 HIROSHIMA Contemporary Art Museum – Re-Act 2007 prize

This work is an interactive work in which the shadow of the viewer is shown on the screen. They can watch images of animals running through only the parts of their body shapes. In other words, if there are no body in it there is nothing on the screen. In order to see more of animals' images, you have to move your body. The viewer intends to "dance" naturally in front of the screen. There is also an intention to see if we can reconsider the physical time we have by overlapping the human body and the animal's body.

A herd of animals is an aggregate formed to survive. At the same time, it is also an aggregate that is ready to pay some sacrifice. There are things to live and to die. Its shape is shaped at that moment separated from the past and the future. And in that form, life and death are mixed. Its shape is the body itself.




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