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Established in 1997, Nibroll is a dance company led by choreographer Mikuni Yanaihara. Nibroll produces performances created through collaborations with video artists, musicians, and fine art practitioners: there is no single overall director. The characteristic of their performance is unconventional framework; output can be a dance show, concert, play, movie, or art exhibition, to explore the possibilities of visual and physical expression. Nibroll entrusts all the decision-making to the audience. Their ultimate aim is not simply to put on a performance, but to explore a new field by having active communication with various genres. Based in Tokyo, Nibroll is also active in Europe, USA and Asia and has garnered much attention since its funding.


/////// Award

2009 "Japan Dance Forum Award 2009 Grand Prix"
2004 "The Mori Art Museum Contemporary Award"
2002 "The National Advisory Panel Award" Bagnolet International Choreography Contest
2000 "The Millennium Culture and Art Festival Award"



International collaboration works

"Richard Sandaime"

Script:Hideki NODA / Direction:ONG Keng Sen

KUZE Seika, Janice KOH

May.2016 at Shizuoka Arts Theatre, World Theatre Festival Shizuoka
Sep.2016 at Victoria Theatre, Singapore International Festival of Arts
Nov.2016 at TOKYO Metropolitan Theatre
Dec.2016 at KUMAMOTO Prefectural Theatre, May Theatre(Osaka), The Museum of Art KOCHI, Namiki Hall(Fukuoka)



"Prepare to start watermelon splashing under cherry blossoms in spring"


Script, Direction:Akio Miyazawa

Performers:City Boys

2013 at SETAGAYA Public Theater (Tokyo), UMEDA Art Theatre (Osaka)、Art Pia Hall (Nagoya), KITAKYUSYU Performing Ats Centre


"What happened at 5:57a.m" off-Nibroll

direction : off-Nibroll
choreograph / dancer : Mikuni Yanaihara
video projection / sound : Keisuke Takahashi

May. 2009 at Guling Theatre, Taipei, Taiwan


"a flower" off-Nibroll

direction : off-Nibroll

choreograph : Mikuni Yanaihara

video projection: Keisuke Takahashi

stage set : Tiffany Chung (Vietnam)

sound : Yuen Chee Wai (Singapore)

dancer : Emi Oyama / AKina Kinukawa /
Huynh Tran Khanh Chinh / Genta Fujikawa

Sep. 2011 at Le Thanh Theater, HCMC, Vietnam
Sep. 2011 at LA LANTA FINE ART, Bangkok, Thailand
Oct. 2011 at MORISHITA studio, TOKYO
Dec.2011 at SKIP CITY. SAINOKUNI Visual Museum, Japan
Feb.2012 at SKIP CITY. SAINOKUNI Visual Museum, Japan



Collaboration with the SOUTH WING

Written by Ivana Catanese & Kameron Steele
Directed by Kameron Steele

2011 at HERE ARTS CENTER, New York


Mikuni Yanaihara Project

direction : Mikuni Yanaihara

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