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Material - Monitor

The significant work of Arts Maebashi, Japan.
Organized by Arts Maebashi


This work is based on the original program and works permanently 24 hours, 365 days. And this work reports on how long it took from all kinds of events, such as historical events and personal events. For example, since the birth of the earth, from the end of World War 2, since my birth, since you broke up with her, his grandfather died, etc. Personal information that is unnecessary for others is also felt not to be unrelated to us if we consider it like a historical case. By imagining that one private experience, information, thinking, moving this world and establishing our existence, we can see the shape and time of a different world.

For this work I made a residency work at Arts Maebashi. This work has been produced by more than 200 local collaborators.




©2017 Keisuke Takahashi.